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About Me - Pennie Christensen

All of my life I have loved to be around people who are happy. I realized that a major key to happiness is being healthy...physically..mentally..emotionally.... spiritually. After going through a time that I thought I was dying from an illness, I realized that had I gone the conventional way, I never would have been healed. My husband was also put in the hospital not knowing if he would come out alive. After reading our stories, I am sure you will know why we care so much about health and sharing our knowledge with others. Thanks for your time in reading our stories.

My Story: First and foremost I want you to know that I have the upmost respect for Doctors. They save lives continuously, we couldn’t do without them. One doctor and certain drugs literally saved my daughters life when her throat was completely shut off. In unextreme situations, I feel that nutrition and detoxification can heal the body naturally.

Working in a factory packing plastic bags part-time was financially helpful as well as an opportunity to associate. One day while packing bags, my face turned red, my heart started beating really fast, and every part of my body went weak. I could hardly stand. I was taken to the ER and a myriad of tests were run with no results. I continued on being so weak I could hardly get from room to room let alone fix dinner or take care of 3 small children. This went on for 3 weeks. I went to my family doctor and he thought maybe it was a virus, and that I might be heading to fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. He prescribed me some medications to see if it would help. I took them for a couple of weeks and still found no relief whatsoever, the whole time thinking I didn’t want to live on drugs the rest of my life to be able to function.

One day I told my mom I’d rather be dead than live like this and she asked if I’d be willing to be tested by a lady who owned the Meridian Stress Assessment machine, which is a very high-tech sophisticated way to detect imbalances in the body. I remember being so weak I couldn’t hold my head up as I was tested. I loved that it was a painless way of testing the body. There are 62 total points or organs tested on your hands and toes through acupuncture points. My test showed that my whole body was weakening or shutting down significantly. The machine then scanned through different products to find what would help balance my organs. I was asked if I had ever been bit by a tick, I told her that when I was 10 I had one stuck in the back of my head. She explained that taking a homeopathy drop called typhus-richesettia, would detoxify my body and help bring my organs back into balance. She also gave me some adrenal support.

I started taking the products and within 1 week I had most of my energy back and within 2 weeks was back to normal being a work-a-holic. I cannot tell you the gratitude I had for this process. No pain, no side effects, and back to normal was more than I could have ever asked for. I started taking my family for various reasons such as bed wetting, stomach pains, allergies, hives, severe colds, shingles, ring worm, ear aches, urinary infection, and several other things which were all noticeably healed naturally.

This led me to have the desire to help my family and others with this process. I became a Certified Nutritional Consultant and licensed in alternative medicine and obtained additional schooling to operate the Meridian Stress Assessment System. The difference between this process and traditional medicine is, prescriptions cover up a symptom like a bandaid, with many side affects, and the natural way uses nutrition and detoxification to heal the body with no side affects. To me it was brilliant!

I looked on the internet at deaths caused from prescribed amount of prescription drugs and it was over 600,000 a year. That is Huge!!!! I then looked up deaths from homeopathy and nutrition and there was not 1 death that I could find. Again brilliant! Easy, Painless, and it works!!! Knowing that prescription drugs also save lives, I think each individual should research for themselves what is best for their body.

The rest of the story....

I've always had a pretty good life. I was raised as a farmer's daughter learning how to work very hard. I had a big family that I knew loved me. I was a people pleaser with a soft heart, who felt the need to be perfect and no self-esteem. In school, girls were meaner than heck to me. And I always seem to attract people to me that made me feel not good enough throughout my life. I was very religious, doing everything I was told to do that would make me happy.

I worked various part-time jobs always focusing on being home when my 4 kids were. I love being outside and have a beautiful yard with mountains, deer, elk, wild turkeys and many other beautiful sights all around me. Me and my family loved to ride 4-wheelers in the mountains that surround our home and have lots of cookouts and get togethers. I knew pretty much everyone in our town and was friends with most of them. With all of these blessings, when I was alone and took my mask off, I was so depressed I could hardly function. Nobody even knew I was depressed, other than 3 out of town friends, who without, I would not be here. When people came around or I went to town, my mask was awesome!!!!!! But I started being more withdrawn and didn’t even want to go out of my house.

My depression got deeper and deeper until one day I decided to end it all. I went up behind my house in a beautiful hollow where I would give up and as I looked around at the beauty I was surrounded by, I felt this amazing love come over me. I had goose bumps like crazy and a voice in my head said, “Pennie, I need you to fulfill your purpose. I am not up in Heaven, but I am inside you in your heart always. You are not alone, and I am going to help you.” That is the first time in my life when I got out of my head and actually felt with my heart. I had been hurt so many times throughout my life that my heart had just felt numb.

I sat and prayed and cried for 2 hours. I took that beautiful experience to heart and searched out every book, class, CD, or U-tube that would uplift me. It didn’t happen over night, but each day I was stronger and felt more peace until one day when I took my mask off, I was this amazingly happy women who truly loved myself and who had a passion to help others be happy and healthy. God has led me every step of the way in finding this life-saving information that I am about to share with you.

The 2-part system is:

#1    Every thought we have creates something good or bad in our life. We have to learn to control that enemy in our head, and let go of all the crap that has held us back in our life…. All of our guilt, our shame, and everything and everyone that we were hurt by throughout our lives. Also about the importance of forgiveness, of putting ourselves first so we have plenty to give others, to truly love ourselves and bury our masks. We don’t have to please everyone else, we all have our own belief systems and it’s OK, we just need to love unconditionally. And most importantly we need to take responsibility and start creating the life we really want by simply changing our thoughts. We are the director of our own movie of our life and we can change it to end with Happily Ever After!

#2    Our cells in our body are over 75% water, and it has now been scientifically proven that water holds memory, so every experience we have ever had in our life, the pain, the trauma, the damage and injury, emotionally and physically has been stored in our cell memory and DNA. So I realized that all of the positive thinking in the whole world would only help 15%. I created a system that has made it possible to completely clear that negative cell memory and DNA. There are amazing healing modalities out there, but not one of them have been known to clear the cell memory…….until now. This system is what completely changed my life in every way. I am really excited to share this with you in hopes of everyone in the world having the tools and being completely empowered to truly be healthy and happy!!!