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ReNew You Wellness

The Emotion & Body Balance Program


Power Up Your Health & Wealth

Condensed Self-Reliant Version

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Power Up Your Health & Wealth

Complete Program

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Latest case studies and comments:

A Woman I was talking to had been suffering from a migraine headache for 4 days. I had her use the system for 5 minutes, as we kept talking. About 20 minutes later I asked her how her headache was and it was completely gone. She was grateful beyond measure and I taught her what to do if it ever came back. I love helping others be happy and healthy!

Woman in her 30s said minutes later I feel amazing!!! I feel lighter and more focused. After I left I felt like my eyes were so wide and aware but not distracted by outside influences....hard to explain. I will refer you to all of my friends, family and clients. So Cool!!! P/S So grateful for Miracles and shifts that are happening!

A business owner had more flow the next day, was able to stop being a door mat for others, was able to release 2 workers that were not in his energy and had 2 ladies walk in the next day that want to help him for free!!! With 4-7 in a yoga class, 17 showed up to the last class. He loves how this work has opened the flow for him.

A women of 42 used the Energy Balancing System and released many negative emotional issues that she had carried since birth feeling a huge burden lifted. Then through muscle testing the system told us that a bone was misaligned, she said she had fallen on her rear end 2 weeks earlier and it had been hurting ever since. She was able to align her tailbone energetically and she literally felt it move. Of course I was in shock, but I am continually amazed at how this process is helping so many physically and emotionally. I am designing a system that each and everyone of us can use to heal ourselves using the power of our mind. We are all the powerful, it is time that we know how to use it to make our lives the best ever!!!!

A 42 year old woman had been exercising and eating right and had not lost 1 pound for over a year. After doing the energy balancing and releasing many negative emotions, balancing hormones and neurotransmitters, she dropped 8 pounds in 2 weeks.

A 16 year old boy came in with heart pain, a numb left arm and not one drop of color in his face. He had been to Dr.s and they told him they couldn't find anything wrong. After 1 hour of energy balancing the pain and the numbness was completely gone and he actually had color in his cheeks! Yeah!

A 34 year old lady came in who had been addicted to perscription drugs after having a surgery when she was 13. She had been through rehab several times and has had counselors and therapists assisting her for many years. After 1 session her counselor called me and could not beleive the change in her client and made an appointment. We are continuing to pull the weeds by the roots and one by one (many can be done in 1 session) she is getting better and better. Counseling and Energy Balancing, what an awesome combination!!!

A 55 Year old woman came in with allergies, and a sore back. Three days later she said the allergies and back were better, now she wanted to work on insomnia. She loves how easy this process is.

A man in his 50's was terribly allergic to peanuts. Going through the process we found that emotionally he was allergic to his milk cows. We released that allergies and he can now eat peanuts by the handfuls!

A 50 year old man came in with gout at a pain level of 10, after going through the process, he left with his pain at a 3. He has been in several times for many other things.

A 17 year old girl came in with severe menstrual cramps. Her face was white and you could tell she had been crying. We worked through the process and when she left there was no pain at all. She even had her color back.

A 25 year old lady came in with terrets (a nervous twitch), severe anxiety, and irregular heart beat with pain. As we worked through the process I could see her relax and as of 2 ½ weeks she said she has had no more symptoms. She is now bringing her kids in.

Listed below is some research validating the power of “energy” work. Enjoy the journey.

“If we are capable of balancing the energy level of our body, it will automatically regenerate the affected area, e.g., the organ, into it’s natural healthy state.” (“Water and Salt, The Essence of Life” by Hendel & Ferreira)

“There are specific pathways through which energy travels in the body. All body parts are connected and all parts affect the whole. By manipulating these paths of energy, blockages that cause disease can be sourced and prevented.” (Eating Raw - Vegan Foods in College)

Dr. Masaura Emoto ( has scientifically shown through his research on water that thoughts, words, pictures, music, emotions and prayer influence water and is verified in crystals formed after freezing. Positive things create beautiful hexagonal crystals while negative things create malformed and fragmented images.

“Water has the ability to copy information. Words are an expression of the soul. And the condition of our soul is very likely to have an enormous impact on the water that composes as much as 70% of our body and this impact will in no small way affect our bodies. People who are in good health are also generally in good spirits. Indeed, a healthy spirit most comfortably resides in a healthy body.” (Emoto)

Our brain acts like a sponge up to age 7 without a filtering system of “right or wrong”, “good or bad”, “truth or lie”; meaning, we believe what we experience or hear to be true. All of this gets stored in our cells, the “water carriers” of our body.

Unkind, negative words and events have a lower vibrational frequency as Emoto’s work showed. Imagine that at age three your parents labeled you as lazy because you wouldn’t help clean up your toys. As you age you wonder why you’re not easily motivated or why you can never relax without feeling guilty and worrying what others are thinking of you. You notice that every time you try to relax you hear your parents voices telling you you’re lazy. Fear of being labeled lazy by friends, family or self and feeling guilty for relaxing can create a lot of anger and stress. Unresolved anger gets stored in the liver - the “holding pen” for such an emotion.

These negative emotions create destructive interference and lower the natural, healthy frequency of your liver, and any other body parts these feelings get stored or dumped in to. This then lowers the effectiveness of your immune system that ultimately lowers your whole body’s vibrational frequency. All this stress, anger, and guilt because at 3 you didn’t feel like cleaning up at that moment. Look at the impact the “lazy” labeling has had upon your self-worth and peace of mind, and how it has impacted your whole body and life since the age of three. Releasing these negative, low vibrational forms of energy, frequency or vibrations (stress, anger, guilt and fear) frees the cells and allows the body to begin the healing process and raise its overall frequency.

“Everything physical was first manifested/created spiritually; and everything external was first created internally. Remember . . As above, so below. This is the universal law. Fix the source, not the symptom.” (Eating Raw - Vegan Foods in College)

Complete Energy Balancing is a process that safely identifies the source of the problem then proceeds to assist change through out the whole body affecting the symptoms manifesting in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realms. This process safely releases trapped emotions at the cellular level thus restoring balance and harmony to the whole body. As the body’s vibrational level increases so does the healing. Complete Energy Balancing provides one of the most powerful tools for bringing about healing and change.

References: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Karol Truman, You Can Heal Your Life, Heal Your Body, & Heal Your Body A - Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them, Louise Hay, Soul Without Shame: A Guide To Liberating Yourself From The Judge Within, Byron Brown


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