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Jump into the future of healing Naturally.........

New Testing getting amazing results....

With The MSAS

Allergies, Stomach Problems, Headaches, Hives, Severe Colds, Shingles, Ring Worm, Ear Aches, Urinary Infection, Dizziness, etc.

All of the amazing detoxes that Anthony William talks about in his book 'Medical Medium' are detected with the MSAS even the Epstein Barr Virus.

Any symptom in the body is the bodies way of telling you there is a problem. We are exposed to toxins continuously, as well as bacteria’s and viruses. With ultimate nutrition the body's amazing immune system can fight it all off. However a breakdown in the immune system can let the tiny invaders take over our systems. In the medical world the solution is a band-aid (prescription drug). The MSAS system can detect imbalances in each organ of the body (62 Points) then scan for a natural product that can detoxify and bring the organ back into balance naturally restoring the organ to full health.

BioMeridian Testing: A Picture of Your Overall Health

How is your health? Until now you had no way to effectively or accurately determine your state of health. PET or CAT scans are beneficial to assess specific information, however new technology called the BioMeridian unit or MSAS Pro have the capacity to non- invasively assess the energy meridians (channels) of the body and determines functionality of organs and tissues of your body accurately.

The technology found in the BioMeridian combines the life work of two phenomenal doctors. Dr. Reckeweg spent his life documenting the 6 phases of 600 different conditions and their progression. The other, Dr. Reinhold Voll documented the acupressure points, that when measured, accurately show the functions of the tissues and organs associated with that point. With several advances in computers and measuring devices, inventors at BioMeridian have produced a truly phenomenal way of helping clients not only know where they stand, but provide natural remedies that encourage a balance for any client. This gives the client an easy to read graph showing where they stand in their overall health. It then allows the provider to use the software to match up the best nutritional choices available from whole food supplements or herbs. Results of the changes may be monitored as often as weekly in severely ill patients (such as those with life threatening conditions) or less often for those that just want to monitor changes to their health.

I LOVE clients to see their progress on paper. One young client has been battling fatigue that was almost debilitating. School and home to bed was his routine. His initial BioMeridian check gave him and his mother the opportunity to see graphed verification of his imbalanced organs, (that he was not just lazy) and what he might detox to see improvement. For them, there was peace of mind actually seeing it on paper and knowing where he stood and what directions to take in order to resolve his difficult condition. Now he can monitor his progress from a repeatable and measurable procedure with a high degree of accuracy. Think about all those that desire to measure their progress to health when they have cancer, or heart disease? We can now monitor a client for early detection of a disease process and help them before the body begins to deteriorate. There is nothing else available anywhere that measures more of the body’s functions than the BioMeridian technology.

Too Far Away Or Unable To Come In Person?

The Meridian Stress Test can be done by some hair strands with the root.

Full Test in most clinics: $200.00,

Introductory offer only $95.00

Send the following by mail to:

     ReNew You

     4488 East Glendale Road

     Preston, Idaho 83263

  • Hair strand with root:
  • Full Name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Phone #:
  • Email:
  • $95.00

With your request you are agreeing to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Testing will be done in the order received. You will then be called to discuss the test results. After payment is received for the very inexpensive natural products needed, they will be shipped out immediately. Thousands of these machines are used all over the world and more and more people are educating themselves and turning to alternative medicine to free themselves of annoying symptoms once and for all with NO Side Effects! There is no where I could find, even on the Internet, a person literally dying of homeopathy or good nutrition. It can truly heal! 

Some of us have layers of invaders like my husband who you can read about under testimonials. A month to 6 weeks after your first test, you can send a new hair and a drop test can be done to see if more invaders can be eliminated or if the organs have all become balanced. This test is only $35.00. Many moms have even learned what products to use to easily and quickly help their families feel better with colds, stomach aches etc. Kids will even ask for the magic drops. If you'd ever like another full test like the first one on all the organs, it is $65.00. What a great tool to use for preventative health or any symptom you might be experiencing. It is so much EASIER to STAY Well than GET WELL!

Full First MSAS Test

Full testing of 62 points of organs and 

a full report.


MSAS Drop Test

The imbalanced previous organs are 

retested to see if they are balanced or 

if more layers need to be detoxed.


Full MSAS Retest

All 62 points again are retested and

report given.


Disclaimer: By buying this service I hereby attest to the following: I fully understand that Pennie is not a medical doctor or practitioner and I am not here for a medical diagnosis or treatment procedures. That Pennie nor the MSAS or MRBA scanner makes a diagnoses, treats or prescribes for diseases, ailments, injuries, or bodily defects, or claim to advertise that any treatment is a cure, or recommend that anyone leave his or her medical practitioner or discontinue taking any type of medication. I understand that the purpose for this testing is for educational purposes only. I hereby release Pennie Christensen and ReNew You completely of all liability.