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Nutrition, Health, Relationships, Homeopathy, Tools to deal with stress, worry, anxiety, and much, much, more!

Class for March 1 is on different tools you can use to destress your life!!!!

6:30 sharp @ ReNew You Wellness Center 32 N State Preston

Recap for class on Thursday, February 23, 2012 by Pennie Cristensen

What an amazing turnout! Thanks to all who came!

It is time for each of us to take charge of our health and wellness. It’s too important to put in anyone else’s hands!  

Near death experiences from ill-health are the reason for our ReNew You Wellness Center. You can read about them at, click on about us.

Grocery shopping & eating tips:

Weight reduction is 70% eating and 30% exercise

Shop the outside of the grocery store.

Buy frozen vegetables, they have more nutrients and don't spoil.

It's very important that you start with a small breakfast and eat small meals or snack often. It's like starting a fire in the morning and putting a log on it often to keep it burning. Your metabolism is the same way. If you don't eat, when you do, your body will store most of your food as fat because it doesn't know when it will get its next meal.

It's always about portion control, you don't have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods just cut your portion and add vegetables.

The best defense against sickness and disease is a healthy immune system.

A good multi-vitamin is as vital to a healthy immune system as a coat is when it's cold.

Remember, you can pay to stay healthy a little along the way or you can pay alot when illness or disease hits.

Preventative is best!!!! 

Many people in the world are now being cured from many illnesses and diseases naturally!!! Even Cancer!

A man with all the money in the world said "you really have nothing without your health, because no amount of money can heal you".

What has now been scientifically proven is emotional stress and breakdown is what causes the breakdown of the body

Dis-Ease of the mind can create diseases.

Preventative is the key………….It’s a lot easier to stay well then get well from a disease

Science has proven that proper diet & exercise is the key to good health………..people say that’s too hard, I’d rather take the magic pill and everything will be OK

Statistics - more people killed by prescription drugs than my motor vehicle accidents

Over 200,000 people die annually from adverse reactions to prescribed amount of prescription Drugs.

There are 4 x’s as many deaths from prescription drugs than illegal ones.

The cost to society annually for adverse drug reactions is more than 136 billion- greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care. Did you know it’s now scientifically proven that type 2 diabetes can be fixed with nutrition and exercise.

Car……..”K” MEN Tell me what happens to a gas truck if you put diesel in it or vise versa??? My son did this and it cost a lot to have it all cleaned up and it never did run right again! What about low or dirty oil, How long will your new car last?????? So when it starts running crappy you take it to the mechanic and he puts a little tester on it and tells you what needs to be fixed. He is testing the resistance to each part. Vehicles need tune ups and oil changes regularly and clean gas to run perfectly…….……….We also need tunes ups …………..proper fuel and to detox impurities from our body… keep it running perfectly……… There is a machine that now does that for humans, it measures energy and resistance and determines imbalances to every organ in your body, then it has thousands of natural products that it picks from to balance that organ. Most of the time it is a detox……………….problem out……………..immune system fights drops…………homeopathy……………………proper healing can take time………..sometimes you can get worse before you get better……………all part of the process……………….

Water essential to detoxifying

Nutrition is key, without good food (gas) your body (car) cannot run effectively. The hard fact is, we can’t replace our body like we can a car.

As I found things to be very beneficial to health and wellness I started adding them until I had enough for a center. Please check out the different benefits of these amazing tools that are available for our total wellness on

T-zone benefits

ACE benefits

DE benefits

Light Bed


Nutritional Supplements

Diatomaceous Earth

Recap on class -February 9 & 16 by Holly Meade

Mind- Body -Spirit

3 class series


1. Sickman theory by Leslie Householder - how your brain processes new information and battles with the sub -concious to replace the old. The pathway to getting what you want out of life.

2. Map of Conciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins - our thoughts and emotions have a frequency and /or vibration that has a huge impact on our life outcomes in all areas of our lives. These vibrations can be possitive or negative physically to our bodies. By having this information we can make better or more knowledgeable choices in the way we think and act on our thoughts and how long we chose to stay in those vibrations.

3. NLP ( Nuero Liguistic Programming) Communication model - Our thought and emotions are always based on our outside influences from all facets of our lives. Our belief systems can be changed to produce a whole new way of thinking. This new programming can eliviate stress and emotional trauma to free yourself to finally enjoying peace every day.

ReCap from last weeks class - taught by Vicki Golightly

Self Awareness Through The Power of The Mind

(using the Five Senses)

1. Smell

2. hearing

3. Taste

4. Vision

5. touch

Have you ever had a smell bring you back into the past? A song that brought back memories of a person, place or event in your life? It is known that the smell of some certain thing has very well helped in bringing or recalling memories from the past.

We can say it is permanent installed in exact area of the brain.. The sense of smell is the only sense you have that allows information to go directly into the brain,it can't be stopped or refused of forgotten.

We have no control over changes just like we have no control over the clouds in the sky that move by,, they are always moving

Using your Five Senses are used in our lives in many ways..

!. Recognized your seed of thoughts and the core of


2. To learn how memories affect you

3. To recognized thoughts and which you may have

patterned your life too.

Every thought tells your body how to react in every situation in your life.. Observe your thoughts , feelings and physical how does your body feel ..

Using your Five Senses you can recall on how you emotional control your life you can take a situation that comes into your life and ask yourself In this situation right now that i am going through .

!. Smell ( what does this smell Like, the first thing that comes to you )

2.Hearing (what noise do I hear)

3. Taste (what is the taste that I am getting)

4. Vision (what am I seeing ,, the first thing that comes to your mind)

5. Touch ( what does this feel like, where is the pain ) is it hit in the heart or hit in the stomach does this emotion make me ill.

If you indentify the emotion of what you are going through at that time , you will soon find the emotion is the same every time.

This will also promote health over all

"What you see is what you feel"

"What you feel is what you Do"

"What you do is what you are"

Recall a time in you were happy recall details what went on at that time, Think of this person you love:

1. How does this person make your feel ?

2.What does it smell like?

3.What does it taste like?

4. Does it have a color?

5.What are you hearing?

There are "NO TRAFFIC POLICE" of thought it comes and goes everything comes and goes just like the clouds in the sky they come and go, it is freedom of space.Let what is passing pass.. Use this process to release emotion when ever you need to clear your mind feelings come and go and they can manifest into your life with the emotion that are with held which comes fear ,suffering , it is only found in our minds of thought. Assure a quality of life tomorrow by leaving sad yesterdays behind for tomorrow is a " NEW DAY" Don't let your mind set your stage of your life in sorrow. Think of love, joy peace.

Who reminds you to breath and the heart to beat. The Sun shines on all of us equally just like the Sun shines on all flowers. The moment you see a dream prove it to be true for yourself. Confusion, frustration, happiness, joy all emotions through thought and most of all LOVE your self. "Just a sense" pay attention to your SENSES and know that " I AM

January 19, taught by Pennie Christensen

Thanks to all who ventured out in the storm last Thursday, I really loved your comments on the class!

Recap: We talked about Goals and what we want in our life and how important it is to focus on those things.

The Law of attraction – what you sew you reap – consequences = whatever you send out good or bad comes back to you.

Having Patience – allowing time for change

Road blocks to happiness

Too busy to listen to our heart

Ill Health – thinking a magic pill will solve all of our problems

Taking offense Holding Grudges

Unforgiveness – it’s like drinking poison expecting the other person to die, it only hurts yourself! Dump your crap! Let go of your story and the past! It’s the only way to move on!

Anger – yelling at someone is like throwing a dart at them, even if you say you are sorry, it still leaves a hole – (scar)

Gossip –

Judging others – it all comes back to us sooner or later, life will be much smoother and happier if you don’t go there!

Loving self and others unconditionally

Choosing to be a rock letting everything roll off, not a sponge that soaks up all the poison everyone gives them.

We all make a difference for good or bad

Gratitude having gratitude often, keeps the flow coming for more things to be grateful for.

Hooponoopono I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thankyou

Hu Chant is an ancient chant that is a love song to God.

Check those 2 things out on the internet.

This weeks presentation will focus on attitude and discovering how our brain works and how we can use our brain and our mind to have the happiness, joy and bliss we came here to have. We have lots of fun with these classes, with tons of great information. Come and join us Thursday night at 6:30 at Renew You 32 N State, by the New York Deli. The classes are intended to inspire and lift the spirits of all who attend making it easier to deal with everyday life. And as always they are FREE

anuary 26,

Thanks to everyone who came to our last class! The comments were amazing!

Here is a recap of the January 26 class.

The differences in the right and left side of the brain and how we can use that information to create a better life for ourselves.

The benefits of the alpha brain wave…………At alpha your body heals itself. By simply spending fifteen minutes a day in alpha your body rejuvenates itself. If you are taking drugs or medications, simply spending fifteen minutes in alpha will offset the negative side effects of these drugs.

Physiological Effects of Relaxation

Just 15 minutes a day!

1.      Oxygen supply of brain increases

•          2.             Lactic acid levels of blood decrease

•          3.             Metabolic rate decreases between 18-20%

•          4.             Blood Vessels dilate

•          5.             Bad cholesterol level drops by 30%

•          6.             Endorphin level increases

•          7.             Good Quality alpha brain waves increase

•          8.             Stress enzyme dissolves (cortisol)

Phrases to be cancelled and replaced

•           Every thought you have and every word you speak, creates or puts energy into existing buckets at the spiritual dimension. The contents of these buckets determine the experiences you will have in your life.

•          Phrases to be cancelled                                                   Phrases to replace with

•           Don't....(has no mental pictures)                                        Eliminate from vocabulary

•           I always........                                                                   Eliminate, unless you really want it

•           I never.........                                                                   Eliminate, unless you really want it

•           I want.....(Comes from position of lack)                             I desire................

•           I am dying to....(negative creation)                                    I am eager to............

•           I can't believe...(Lack of faith)                                           How wonderful it is...........

•           I am sick and tired of..........                                            This too shall pass.

•           I am tired of..(Negative programming)                                I am eager to........

•           I am shocked......(Do you want to be shocked?)                   I am amazed

•           I can't remember....(Negative programming)           It escapes my mind, but will come to me.... I can't afford...(Negative programming)                                                                         I haven't allocated money for........

•           I am anxious to (Lack of faith-fear)                                      I am eager to........

•           I am so confused. (Negative programming)                             It is becoming clear to me.

•           I am such a mess. (Negative programming)                            I am in total control.

•           That breaks my heart. (Affirming bad heart)                           It upsets me, and I'll get over it.

•           I can't stand that...(Affirming no legs)                                    I can easily tolerate that

•             She is a pain in the neck. (Negative programming)She is a challenge, but I am overcoming it.

•           I will try....(Trying is lazy)                                                     I will do............

•           This is driving me crazy. (Bad stuff)                                     This is a change, and I can handle it.

•           That blows my mind. (Bad stuff)                                           That amazes me.

•           He is filthy rich. (Negative connotation)                                 It is nice to have money.

•           I can't see why...(Affirming vision problems)                           Things are becoming clear to me..........

•           I can't find.....(Negative belief)                                              I am easily locating.........

•           I will do my best to..(Lack of faith/commitment)                    I always thrive to........

•           That burns me up...(Negative programming)                           That is comforting.

•            I was spoiled. (Bad stuff)                                                      I was treated well.

•           You are killing me. (Bad stuff)                                                You are teasing me.

•           I wonder....(Testing the ego/will power)                                   Eliminate unless you desire to experience...

Great phrase to say everyday!

Everyday, in Everyway, My Life Is Getting Better, Better, and Better!!!!!         

Our class for February 2, (groundhog day – pray for clouds!!!!!) will be on

Self Awareness using the five senses – Taste- Smell- Touch- Vision-Hearing  

I hope you are all having an awesome week!!! Just a heads up, on the 23rd of February will be a class on the benefits of every modality at the Renew You Wellness Center, all that come that night will get a free 10-page body scan, send me your email, (ours is [email protected]) and I will send you a sample one so you can see how cool it is. Only the ones who are present will get this free.

Tonight we are learning some tools for creating a better life. When your life is in balance the hard leaves and life just flows in peace. The reason for all of our classes is to uplift, motivate and inspire others to make a difference for good in the world and if we feel great and have important tools in our toolbox we can rise above the everyday yuck in this world and share our light. Remember classes start at 6:30 sharp at ReNew You Wellness Center 32 N. State, right by the New York Deli. Come and have fun with us!!!!